Hailing from the North East of England, Chris started his career back in 1998 as singer/guitarist with indie rock band Smalltown Heroes. After working the north east region and gaining a large following, he eventually signed to iconic U.K Indie label E’G/Global Chrysalis, home to Killing Joke and Roxy Music in the early 2000’s and later to a major record label in BMG. On the road he clocked up well over 1800 gigs with the band in Europe, playing many of the big festivals and selling out tours along the way and also touring with many big name bands like Jeff Healey, The Stranglers, Stereophonics, to mention a few! 

In the studio he recorded 2 Albums – Atomic Café and the critically acclaimed and award winning debut, “Human Soup” (reached 42 U.K. album charts), which was produced by Aucklander’s Steve Bush and Marshall Bird (Stereophonics, Ronny Wood, Natalie Imbuglia). He has worked with some the worlds top producers too, including veteran producer Chris Kimsey who has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and has produced the likes of The Rolling Stones, INXS, Duran Duran, amongst many others. 

Chris can also boast recording the world’s first CD-Rom single, the award winning Moral Judgement, taken from the “Human Soup” album.

Post Smalltown Heroes, he worked in London, with song and radio plugging company Rush Release, working with the likes of Radio one and Virgin radio in the English Capital. 

Nowadays he is still songwriting (finalist in international songwriter of the year in Nashville 2012, over 20,000 entries!) and producer,  previously working from London, Toulouse (France) and more currently in Wellington, New Zealand. Specialising in synchronisation, bespoke specialist in Film/TV, songwriting and co-writing for artists. Recent projects include, Nurofen, Lexus and Jaguar and Porsche.

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