Created in a two week rush after songwriter Eliana Gray (Terrified, Jaggers x Lines) agreed to play a gig with her new band that didn’t exist, folk-pop trio Certainty have carved out a space of wilful earnestness in Dunedin’s vaunted and experimental music scene.

Lush instrumentation, mournful yet transcendent vocal melodies that culminate in cathartic three part harmonies and a sidelong sense of humor about life’s darkest corners are the hallmarks of Certainty’s sound. Taking cues from artists such as early Marika Hackman, Alela Diane and Nadia Reid, twisting them with a decidedly pop focused sensibility and spitting them out into sparse percussion-less arrangements; Certainty tread the line between traditional and odd with grace.

Eliana’s clear and emotive vocal tone manages to simultaneously embed itself within the instrumentation and soar on top of it. Her deeply personal lyrics creating an undercurrent of sadness that runs through all of Certainty’s works. Providing mirrors and counterpoints to Gray’s vocal melodies is the skilled and feel-driven violin of Ro Rushton-Green (Sewage) and the keyboards of Douglas James Champion-McConnon (Thundercub). Three artists weaving singular paths that dip and diverge yet always find their way back to each other. Listening to their songs feels like having an intimate conversation with a friend.

Clarity and questioning, maintaining connection in the face of emotional risk. Certainty tackles each topic they turn their focus to with a clear eye and a full heart.

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