Carolyn Stilwell




Once described as a poet who expresses emotions through music, Carolyn Stilwell lived in London during the 1990's where she fronted the Celtic group Loose Goose. The band regularly performed at New Age, Folk and Celtic events across the United Kingdom, and its three released albums (most featuring material written by Stilwell) enjoyed considerable success in the UK and Germany. Stilwell's works are often atmospheric and dreamy, but her catalogue also includes songs and instrumentals with a playful, quirky and unexpected edge, with strong rhythms and melody lines. Best known for her sweeping and epic soundscapes, much of her material has a memorability that can linger long after the music has ceased, and offer something refreshingly unique. Passionate about the literary genres of both mythic-fantasy and of futuristic worlds, Stilwell is currently working on a Sci-Fi trilogy for Young Adults.

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