Auckland, New Zealand. Boy meets girl while working together at a record store. Trained pianist and singer Josie Tuck encourages journalism student Dan Trevarthen to chase his dreams of singing in a band, Dan introduces Josie to a world of music outside the top 40. When Dan's panda obsession bursts into four chord pop music one day, Josie instinctively harmonises. They put songs on the internet. They are all about pandas.

Taking a name from the Chinese words for 'panda' ('Xiong Mao', or 'Bear Cat' in English), they soon found their two piece pop band being asked to play actual real shows around the country, venturing as far South as chilly Dunedin (over 3/4 of the way to Antarctica!) and back home opening the curtains for touring acts like Andrew Bird and (Sufjan Stevens labelmate) Half-handed Cloud.

Iin 2009 they were bizarrely top five finalists in a nationwide MTV band competition. They then released debut album Xiong Mao, betraying a love for the three chord pop of the Ramones and lush girl group arrangements. 

Now steadily diversifying their subject matter to encompass various other niche subjects guaranteed to annoy dudes in rock and roll bands who take themselves too seriously, Bear Cat are hoping to find their way to the US/Europe in the near future.

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