Apollo SteamTrain



Apollo SteamTrain is the result of ‘The Apollo SteamTrain Project’, a musical journey that began in 2014 by Singer/Songwriter Brendan McCarthy.

When the project began, it was decided early on to create an album first and then assemble the best musicians available to deliver the music in the live format.

Recorded at The Colour Field Recording Studios in Welcome Bay Tauranga between July 2014 and Jan 2016, the forthcoming album “The Barony of Carbery” contains tracks taken from the extensive backlog of songs written by Brendan over his years as a musician in Dunedin, Auckland and Tauranga.

Starting a new project in the studio is the beginning of a voyage of discovery and learning – a creative journey that builds a body of work and friendship through the common love of music. I am very proud of the resulting album that Brendan and I have fashioned through that partnership and with the help of our talented Tauranga music community – I wish him the best of luck in taking it to the world! --- Tim Julian, Fragile Colours Music

With considerable collective experience, the members of Apollo SteamTrain Brendan McCarthy, Les Robinson and Ian Clark all know the ups and downs of working in an industry that can sometimes be rather daunting, but are prepared to go the distance and take the music as far as it will go.

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