Aaron Carpenter has a gift for articulating the plight of the downtrodden and misunderstood. A knack for stepping inside his fellow man’s boots and feeling the wear on the sole, the caked dirt between the treads, and the permanent awkwardness of the fit. 

This insight keeps listeners riveted throughout as The Revelators report back on the lot of small-town lifers, neglected love veterans, and the invisible homeless, with both sympathy and a burning curiosity. 

By his own admission, the Waiheke Island based songwriter turns more inward and that translate to blues and country music, music he credits as “the commonest of human experience, perhaps the only thing that we all truly share.” 

Aaron Carpenter & The Revelators released their debut E.P. in November 2015 it's first single and accompanying video "Stranger"gaining airplay on several stations around the country. The album is a classic collection of songs he's taken his whole life to write and its release will be a stroke of genuine relief. Here's what the reviews said:

"So here is a prediction for 2016; the album will be an absolute smash if this teaser album is anything to go by." - Colin Morris Dominion Post ( 5/5 Stars)

"the slick-yet-raw production may have been born in a barn, but it sounds like it is heading towards the big stage." The Listener ( 3.5/5 Stars) 

"Carpenter's canny vocal phrasing and the serene backing vocals carry the listener through a storyline of heartbreak,isolation and rebellion" - NZ Musician

As he champions in one of the country/rock songs from the release - "Forgiving yourself is the hardest thing"....

That it is.

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